She's heard about the cold. Read about its effects on anatomy - both her own kind and others. The books outlined symptoms like the loss of feeling in fingers and toes, the burn of exposed skin, the slowing of internal biology. From a distance it is so easy to make it seem sufferable. Survivable at the very least. And yet when she steps off of the ship into this foreign world, she is completely caught off guard by the impact of it all.

It hits her in the chest first, robbing her of breath and constricting her veins and muscles and skin. She feels as if she has suddenly been caught occupying too much cellular space and must now somehow fit into a mold of molecules that is two sizes two small. A cough rises but remains caught in the cavity of her chest, trapped by the tightness of both her lungs and her throat. No air shall pass, neither in nor out. What small amount of breath does manage to escape hangs in a cloud just beyond her lips.

It takes a moment before she feels it biting at her cheeks, the sliver of skin that peeks out from between her glove and the sleeve of her jacket, the tip of her nose. A prickle at first, irritation that grows into a full burn even as she tugs her collar up around her face. There is no escaping it, especially as the whip of the wind makes sharp contact with any part of her that cannot be covered.

Numbness will come later, the dead tips of her fingers as wetness seeps in through the fibers of her gloves from the ice and the snow. Her feet weighted heavy in her boots, unable to feel the pound of terrain beneath them but somehow functioning in spite of it. Her lips, pressed together in the ghost of a frown that is muted by the world outside.

General History

"Fear cuts deeper than swords."

-Her parents met, fell in love, and settled down in a little fishing village

-Her mother never wanted children, but the father always wanted a son, the mother wanted to make the father happy, so she agreed

-A baby girl is born

-Things are good for a bit, but when Honore is around two years old, there's an accident at sea and her father is killed (though there is some question as to whether or not it was an accident and what actually happened)

-The mother was beyond distressed, she was grieving her husband and trying to care for a child she never wanted to begin with, she decides to abandon Honore and leave the village

-Honore is raised in the chantry

-Life as a chantry orphan isn't always easy, but Honore isn't phased by it

-She met Rhys on one of his visits to the orphanage, as it was the orphanage he himself had grown up in and often visited and became friends with Honore

-She began expressing interestin being a Templar so when Honore was 17 he took her to Whitespire and asked Evangeline to mentor her

-After Asunder events she left with Evangeline and Rhys and travelled with the for a bit, she was away on an errand when they were taken by the Red Templars and by the time she got back all she knew was that they'd been taken, she had no idea where to look or how to rescue them, so she made her way to the Inquistiion


Since Honore was raised in a small fishing village, she has an fun mix of personality. She's still very Orlesian and can come off on the snobby side, but she's also very country and has no problem climbing trees while wearing a dress or getting fish scales in her hair. As with many orphans, she comes with her fair share of abandonment issues, but thanks to Abrielle's attention towards Honore, they are less pronounced. She knows there are some people she can depend on, but that list is few, and it isn't easy to get on that list.

She often acts like she has something to prove, partially due to her height and gender, and partially due to it just being part of her personality. She wants to win, even when she knows she can't she won't admit that. She's also always acted mature for her age, at least most of the time. She tends to get along better with boys than girls. As far as pronouns go, she generally prefers neutral, mostly because there's no telling what way her mood will swing. Perhaps one day she'll be in the mood to wear a dress and have a picnic, another day she'd rather be in the mud training. She absolutely deplores stereotypes and vows to break them.

the relationships
She makes friends pretty easily if you can look past her blunt nature and anxiety. She realises many mages dislike her simply for having been a Templar and while she can't change her past, she is very sympathetic to mages and after having been a Templar for a few years, was horrified at how they were treated.
Honore is idiotsexual, she can be awkward enough just in normal every day conversaqtion, throw in feelings or attractions and she's basically a trainwreck speeding over a cliff.
She hates anyone who used their Templar authority to abuse mages, or really anyone who abuses anyone for any reason.

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