New Tortuga
Cadet Hawkins
OBJECTIVE: Reconnaissance to locate Cadet Hawkins and bring him home.
ROUTE: #001 New Tortuga
RENDEZVOUS, FORMATION, AND ASSAULT: Arrive in New Tortuga and search out and collect information in regards to the plausible whereabouts of Cadet Hawkins. Rendezvous on Dauntless to exchange intelligence. Assault used only in defensive measures.
RESULTS: Cadet Hawkins was found on 03/01/2658
ENEMY RESISTANCE AND ACTIVITY: Various pirate systems in discord. Each system moved to into formation for a full assault, against one another, as well as the Dauntless crew. Guerrilla tactics and force concentration used.
SIGNIFICANT OBSERVATIONS: Infiltration tactics were useful. Work with the Traveler.
COMMUNICATION: Minimal in long range.

NOTES: I was separated from much of my crew during the reconnaissance and found the crew of the Traveler difficult. This only continued once an assault broke loose. It is in my own personal standings that I found Officer Maha'raj to complete her directive effectively under strict duress. She stayed on mission, helping a knowledgable target out of the line of fire.

I also recommend that Cadet Hawkins gain more time in defensive training, as he should have been able to effectively depose his abuductors.

OBJECTIVE: To locate and retrieve the Enke Velzael
ROUTE: #001 Quivira
RENDEZVOUS, FORMATION, AND ASSAULT: In group formations, following a path that led to individual need due to age and decay of routes. Assault in defensive measure, if needed.
RESULTS: Loss of Enke Velzael
ENEMY RESISTANCE AND ACTIVITY: The Sparrowhawk arrived, seemingly in search of the same item with possible similiar intel. Did not engage.
SIGNIFICANT OBSERVATIONS: The loss of the Enke Velzael was due to the architectural means of where it was found and kept. The collapse and damage to the building was intense, and the sceptre was visibly destroyed by the environment with no capacity of being retrieved.

NOTES: Due to time constraints, there was a lack of coordinated defense. Everyone contributed notably, in the attempt to retrieve the sceptre. Working effectively through a variety of traps with thoughtful responses. Sparrowhawk crews worked less effectively against the Dauntless crew. Reviews of formation and tactics could be good for all crew members. Otherwise group training, to continue to motivate and elicit continued thoughtful responses.
Cadet Training Reports
Mar 22, 2658
Through cells A, C, and D, Cadets have shown a large grasp in understanding and execution of necessary advanced tactics. Exemplary conduct noted in 9 out of 10 individuals. High hopes of bringing it to 100% within the next 6 weeks of training and completion of current module.

Mar 19, 2658
Leadership training through defensive tactics has the Cadets divided into a disorganized system for the sake of not holding the responsibility. Few have stood up to willingly take the test. Real applications may be necessary to push beyond comfort zone to remove tension amongst ranks.

Mar 15, 2658
Test scores have held high marks, with the lowest being an 82% and at least 4 having gained a full 100%. Points were deducted from imperfected tasks and movements when blocking and fending off attacks. Aversion training seems less likely to be needed since most wish to use it to get out of course work.

Cadent Training Modules

Week of March 15, 2658

Security Systems Check Review

A full assessment of Stages 1-5 are taken into account upon each return, within 2 weeks, and again before any mission date is set. This includes: (A/8.4.3, B/8.2) in search of all possible threats and security risks for the ship and it's personnel. (A/8.4.1, A/8.4.2, B/8.3, B/8.6, B/8.7, B/8.8) for evaluation and protection of key shipboard operations.(A/8.4.3, B/8.9, B/8.10) for identification and evaluation of possible scenarios to key shipboard operations and access likelihood of potential threats. (A/8.4.4, B/8.5, B/8.14) for In-scene security survey.

Elements taken into consideration: navigational area, speed, ship's location, freeboard, systems analysis, security services. Scenarios considered: In port, drifting, pirates, planetside, near a planet or moon, closest proximity to a system star, explosives, assault, passing straight, passing channel, passing graviational pull, no special remark areas, carrying dangerous goods, emergency and stand-by equipment available, locked potential access points, lockout, escape and evacuation needs. Currently in optimal status.

Cybernetic Vulnerability Simulation Test Review
ANALYSIS: Gaps in security have been assessed through detrimental vulnerability scanning across infrastructure components, penetration testing to find how far hackers may go in breaching the network access, and red and blue teaming through various wartime operations of cybenetic attacks. Effiicently evolving the system to meet the needs and maintaining up-to-date security of all systems and personnel. Strength testing of all firewalls, as well as all social engineering tactics, are done weekly. Logs show previous gaps and the current success rate. Phase 2 shows great success, and phase 3 is currently in functional testing.

Continuous Attack Vulnerability Test Review

ANALYSIS: Threat intelligence led testing is defined by cyber threat intelligence scenarios. Current threat testing has gained inclusion of the possibility of lockout. With the possibility of anyone unclearanced personnel or person attempted to board and/or attempt to take systems themselves through on-point access. Checking of new security measures set in place to prevent this from happening again, as well as quick alert and override, if such a possibility were to occur.

Priliminary tests incurred errors with the new software, may have been due to plant residue from previous assault. Once carefully cleared of debris and gained assistance from engineering staff, components began to test well. Continusous recalibration was needed for first trials. Otherwise, proven well, once recreated components held. System is currently running optimally. New threat scenarios are uploaded bi-weekly. No new threats.

Current Roster

Calm, compassionate, fair. She inspires the crew to do their best with her own outward confidence of herself and others. Knowledgable in distress and safety systems, managing crew and supervising accordingly. She has shown loyalty to her crew and station through every mission and fundamental training session since I have been in this position. Able to make critical calls necessary in uncommon situations best left to the science team to explain. Her responsibility weighs heavy on her, but she continues to hold her core work values and handles each situation with care. Knowledgable in current systems. 4 stars, as I have yet to see how she handles crew situations.

Completes stated hierarchy responsibilities that are known, however have not personally seen typical responsibility of crew work, drills, exercises, personnel organization, or the policing and inspection of the ship. Unsure if by captain's choice, reported disabilities, or timing. There was uncertainty in questions over final status from previous holder of security officer. Otherwise, accepting of the crew with efforts made for morale. Openly offers insights on possible direction to the Captain. Quick to respond.

Works efficiently and with care of the protection of the ship, it's crew, and all parts of Thedes-Korso. Maintains offensive, defensive, internal, and external operations for the ship, as well as trains cadets twice a week in defense tactics. Completes all tasks asked, even going above and beyond. But cannot seem to make any positive headway to being part of the crew.

Appears to have positive morale with the crew. Holds no questions on training, however, I have not been on any such mission to report any needs or positive results thus far. Confident and comfortable through all situations that were used in training. Admiral skill with throwing balls? Close role with teh First Officer. Curious about the development of weapons. Will have to check.

New to the position on Dauntless but appeared to maintain self well through New Tortuga. Weapons use was not necessary during that mission in a standard means. Confident, with willingness to speak up, regardless of what comes out. Appears to keep up a morale for himself. Has already discovered a good rapport with some of the crew.

Comfortable in position. Engaging and offers reminders to the crew for all medical necessities in exams from primary to tertiary care. Knowledgable in abdominal wounds. Quick to fill needs, without unnecessary questions. New to position on Dauntless, and a team player. Respectful and with merit.

Holds great insights to the crew, with true study and understanding that goes beyond a scientific means. Holds a strong capacity for empathy with the crew. Has garnered the respect of her peers, for more than scientific efforts. The brightest mind any system has to offer, with experiments that do not lack in the curious efforts of science. Little needs to ever be said that she doesn't seem to know quickly and with irrefutable evidence.

Gets everyone from point A to point B. There has no been any trouble in the perspective docking, undocking, take off, landing, or flight dynamics since I've been aboard. Appears to get along with certain aspects of the crew more than others. Aggressive, headstrong, and seems to encite and enjoy drama.

Skills are set in more than internal abilities. Willingness to go above and beyond efforts, for emergencies and immediate directives. Willingness to join in efforts to engage and boost morale. Competitive. Best seen in field work.

New to the current placement on Dauntless. Questionable in a crisis. Noteable mind, high on the end of analyitical thinking. Competitive. Willingness to speak up, and claims of being a rougher personality than seen. Comfortable in group settings, highly inquisitive.

Acquired a position change that seems to very much suit her. Previous questions once it was known that she hugged aggressive beings to point of incapacitation. Current position seems to hold much more attention, and possibly work satisfaction. Happy, confident individual who is highly aware of her surroundings, even if she may not fully understand them. Inquisitive in nature.

Team player. Attempts to motivate others through verbal means, but appears to do more in confidence and possibly confidence building. Willing to help a hand in areas knowlegable. Represents the finer aspects of Thedes-Korso. Stays on task with company goals, without struggle. Positive core work values.

Disengaged but appears to need to be friends with everyone met. Positive for morale. Holds own on missions, except for when he was abducted by a group of pirates. Age, warranted, possibly questions what he wants in life. Completes all daily tasks and requirements in a timely fashion without issue. Well competent, highly intelligence, and likely deserves a higher rank on work capacity alone.